So this project started as a studio class project with the Tesla brand. This project was not sponsored by Tesla. In this project me and my classmates were free to come up with stories and come up with design solution concepts for the personas presented in the story. In the first couple of weeks, we did some research on a prospective technological advancements which we thought would be available in 2020 and at the same time we had to offer 6 different stories with different concept solutions. After couple of weeks, eventually stories and concepts got narrowed down to one story and a concept for each student.

The keyword behind my concept was REWARD. Essentially this concept is targeted for upper middle class who are hardworking but yet are not able to purchase an $80K car. The Tesla 3R concept would cost around 40-50K dollars and its mere purpose is to provide excitement to the target buyers as a reward for their hard work. The Tesla 3R concept is a 3 seater fastback with four low profile YASA Motors. Two of these motors are in the middle of the front axle and the other two are on either side of the rear passenger. The floor will be populated with the next generation of Carbon Nano-tube battery cells. The rear passenger as you can see is positioned right in the center of the vehicle and the cabin shrinks around the rear passenger offering a very unique experience and dynamic to the individual.